giovedì 20 giugno 2013

♥25♥ new gets (June♥)

Hi Minna! ♥♥
How are you?
i'm fine, and really really happy ><
Last week i received my last order and i was really happy with all the clothes i have chosen!
Recently i'm really obsessed with clothes from Liz Lisa, so most of the clothes are from this brand *-*
I really like Liz Lisa recently and i want more clothes, waaa i need a lot of money sigh

Then, this is my little haul from this month ♥

Liz Lisa

My favorite one ♥
Omg i totally love this dress and i just worn it ahaha ><*

Liz Lisa Jumpsuit *-*
another love love ♥ ehehe

 and worn by a Liz Lisa model..

sooo cute, isn't it? *^*

Liz Lisa in brown
My first brown dress from Liz Lisa, i hope that suit me well, sigh ><;

another super cute dress from Liz Lisa
Pink x Roses

and last Liz Lisa Item
Daisy x White top


I loved this dress since the first time i saw it around march and finally i bought it!
I'm sooo happy >< and it's perfect, really *^*

My Melody

My baby ♥♥

and some offbrand clothes/shoes that i bought where i live :3
same wedges, one in beige and one in black!
They are soooo cute and comfy ><*

maxi dress in denim x pink
and at least frilly socks *^*

and these are my gets for june ♥
What do you like?

see you soon and take care sweeties ♥♥

martedì 11 giugno 2013

♥24♥ Love so sweet

Hi Minna ♥♥
How are you?
finally it seem that the good weather is also coming to italy! YAY \(^O^)/
Although i'm really busy at work (sigh) last saturday, finally, i had a free day and i went out with my best friend in Milan.
We ate sushi (ahhaah i'm really sushi addicted XD ) and went to the park for rest a bit.
so, when we were at the park we took some photos!
Recently i haven't many occasion for dress up and i was really happy about the outfit i choose that day ♥♥

This is the outfit
Hat: No brand
Dress: Liz Lisa
Socks: BOBON
Shoes: No brand

I really love so much this Liz Lisa dress, probabily is my favorite ♥♥♥

Some other photos :3
Make up of the day


My best and Me


Ok, enough pics spam, sorry ><;

Last week i also received a new package, i bought some new Liz Lisa clothes, i was so happy!
I'll show you the dresses in my next post, and maybe soon i'll do my first lenses review ><
I hope to do it right ♥

Thanks for reading ♥
See you soon!