giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

♥4 ♥ Big package and MA*RS outfit

Hello Gals!! 
How are you?
Today is a sunny day and that makes me really happy, YAY!!
Also, on tuesday i finally received my big package, there were a lot of trouble with the courier (HATE GLS SO MUCH ><;) and the custom but finally i got it and i'm so so so happy!
When i open the package i didn't remember at all the thigs i had bought >>;
So, i take pictures of every dress, hope you like them!

All the dress together

MA*RS  (This is my favorite ♥)

Liz Lisa



Stella Dress

No Brand

Now i'm waiting to wear them all >< ahaha

Last weekend i went out with my friends and after a lot of time i wore a MA*RS dress, so i took some picture about the outfit ♥

Thanks to all the people who have started to follow my blog and also to the people who have comment on my previous post, you make me really happy ♥♥
See you soon!!

giovedì 17 gennaio 2013

♥3 ♥ New gets + Outfits

Hello Cuties 
Recently in Italy startes sale in shops!
I'm so happy!
So i went to look for something new, and i found a lot of cute things!!
Only when i came back home i noticed a thing...
all my buys are pink ahaha
i was really shoked ><

New blush, is really pink and with a lot of glitter, i totally love it!! 
Make up case, it reminds me a lot of a MA*RS pattern, so i totally fell in love!

Lipgloss by Astra, is an Italian brand, really cheap (i paid around 4 euro *3*)

Perfume "Pink Sugar" by Aquolina

And i bought also new clothes, but i haven't found anything that i really wanted ><

           Lace and Denim Shirt                                                             Leopard scarf

                     Platform Shoes                                                    I can't take a pic of the shirt because my
                                                                                                             mum just wash it ahaha ><

And now some random photos about me and my outfit 


My best friend and me 


Well, see you soon!
And i'm really happy if you leave a comment 

venerdì 11 gennaio 2013

♥2 ♥ A day with my girls ♥

Heeeeeei Cuties ~
How are you?
I'm a little rabbit 

Ok, stop joking ><
Last week i met KK Diamante club sis and other friends in Milan!
We met in the morning because we wanted to take photos and then go out to eat together!
I woke up really early (around 7 a.m) to do hair and make up!
When i left home my hair had just been made so they were perfect, but  when i come back home... OMG O_O totally orrible (#`ε´#)

Before ----------------------------------------> After

                                             After we met we went immediately to take photos!!
The photographer was very good although we were a disaster, we couldn't stop talking and move!
        But in the end i really like the photos, so i show you some photos !!

At one moment i was looking to try something new but...
my friends began saying to me << people can see your pants, whatch out!!! >>
and i startd laughing like an idiot so i went back with classical poses.

And the story didn't end there, because after few minuts i made another fail ( ̄^ ̄) 

Photo with Jay (she's soooo cute)

Jay, Nana and Me

After finish taking the photos we finally go to lunch and in the afternoon we made a shopping tour               \(^_^)/
While we were looking at shops, i suddenly saw a shop selling wedding dress and...i totally fell in love!

Such a cutie, right? ♪(*’-^)-☆

OMG, so long post this time!
                                                                     See you soon!

martedì 8 gennaio 2013

♥1 ♥ First Post ~

Hello everyone   
Finally, i decided to open a blog and since this is the first post i'll talk a little about me :3

Well, My name is Rose, i'm 23 y/o and i'm from Italy.
I'm totally in love with Gyaru style and also J and K - Pop!
I became interested in gyaru around a year ago but i start to dress gyaru only around February/March.
My favorite brands are MA*RS, INGNI, Dazzlin, Liz Lisa and One Spo.
Talking about gyaru magazine my nuber one is Popteen, followed by ViVi and Happie Nuts!

Now, i'll show you some of my photos (#^-^#)


My lovely hair

With My KK diamante club sis ♥ Love ya Gals 
First photo: Nana, Me and Jay (Check out her blog Double Trouble )
Second photo: Me, Mia and Jay (Mia blog Mia Somta )

Soon i'll make a new post about the recently meet with my loved KK Diamante club gyaru sa memebers!!Hope you enjoyed the post and if you want to follow my blog i'll be really happy!

See ya soon!! \(^_^)/