venerdì 11 gennaio 2013

♥2 ♥ A day with my girls ♥

Heeeeeei Cuties ~
How are you?
I'm a little rabbit 

Ok, stop joking ><
Last week i met KK Diamante club sis and other friends in Milan!
We met in the morning because we wanted to take photos and then go out to eat together!
I woke up really early (around 7 a.m) to do hair and make up!
When i left home my hair had just been made so they were perfect, but  when i come back home... OMG O_O totally orrible (#`ε´#)

Before ----------------------------------------> After

                                             After we met we went immediately to take photos!!
The photographer was very good although we were a disaster, we couldn't stop talking and move!
        But in the end i really like the photos, so i show you some photos !!

At one moment i was looking to try something new but...
my friends began saying to me << people can see your pants, whatch out!!! >>
and i startd laughing like an idiot so i went back with classical poses.

And the story didn't end there, because after few minuts i made another fail ( ̄^ ̄) 

Photo with Jay (she's soooo cute)

Jay, Nana and Me

After finish taking the photos we finally go to lunch and in the afternoon we made a shopping tour               \(^_^)/
While we were looking at shops, i suddenly saw a shop selling wedding dress and...i totally fell in love!

Such a cutie, right? ♪(*’-^)-☆

OMG, so long post this time!
                                                                     See you soon!

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