martedì 26 marzo 2013

♥16♥ Spring gets !!

Hi Minna!! ♥♥♥
I'm really sorry for the later post but nothing interesting happened in these days, so i waited a bit for blog yet.
Last week, i was so so so happy because i  finally got my new package!
I was really scary because it was the first time i placed an order so heavy (around 8 kg) but luckily it was all ok!!  YAY!

The package, ahaha also the postman asked me what i bought to have a package that big XD

So i started to pull everything out and put in on my bed but in the end was a total mess and my mum also yelled at me XD

So, this is what i bought for spring! ♥♥

Two MA*RS set


MA*RS belt (replica) and Boy London hat

MA*RS dress 

One spo lace shirt and jacket

Two dress from INGNI

Yumetenbo shirt and set

Mary Rose dress and Dream V Dress
(Unfortunately the Mary Rose dress is too big for me ;O;)

No brand


Jouetie and no brand shoes

and finally my beloved naked 2 palette 
and that's all ♥♥
What do you think? :3
I was so so happy for all but so sad for the dress that was too large sigh ,O,
I can't wait to wear all those clothes eheh \(^3^)/

Then, see you soon in next post!

lunedì 18 marzo 2013

♥15♥ My first hair tutorial video !!

Hi Gals!! ♥♥♥
How are you?
Well, this post is only about my new video ^^
A lot of people asked me how i do my hair, so i finally decided to make a video!
Ok, the quality isn't so much good, because i can only use my webcam and this is also the first time i edited a video ,O,
but i hope you can enjoy it!

This is the final result !!

Video ♥♥♥

Thanks for watching!!

giovedì 14 marzo 2013

♥14♥ Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Hi Minna!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Last Saturday i went to "Cosmoprof" in Bologna.
For all the people who don't know what i'm talking about, "Cosmoprof" is the leading worldwide event for the professional beauty sector.
It's really a BIG event, full of stands of make up and all the things that are related to the beauty sector.
I was always been interested in going to this event in the past, but the price was a bit expensive... ><;
But this year, my boss at work tell me that she have free pass for the event, so, i couldn't go ahah!
And, of course, that day was one of my favorite in my life ever!
It's like living in another world!

Entrance for the Cosmoprof

Because i had to get up early (around 5.30 a.m) and had to walk a lot, my outfit is really nothing special ahaha ><; and after 2 hours in the event i was totally a mess!!

This is the map of the Cosmoprof, it's like a mini city!!

After the entrance, there was a red carpet *^*

So, after entering the first pavilion i looked at several stands and they give me a lot of samples, so i was really happy!
When i left the first pavilion, i checked better the map and i noticed one thing,
the was an ASIAN PAVILION!
So i started to look at the pavilion like a crazy ahaha
After 10/15 luckily i found it! YAY!

The Asian Pavilion was mostly full of Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese stand, but there was also some Japanese stand.
The first Stand i noticed was Korean, so i started for that stand.

OMG, lashes and lenses, my heaven <3

The girls at the stand were really cute and we started talk a lot, they ask me about my make up and if i like asian fashion, OF COURSE!
So they asked me if i wanted take some photos with their products, i was soo happy!! :3
So, i also take photos with them eheh ><*

i was really horrible sigh D:

Then i stared watch any stand but i completely forgot to take photos because i was too excited ,O,
After 2 hours in the asian pavilion, i noticed this stand that was hidden by another big one, and as i seemed to see interesting things i went near the stand.
After few minutes i noticed two japanese guys who worked at the stand, who continued to stare at me.
So i went to talk to them.
I said << Hello >>
and one of them said << Wow, you look like Tsubasa chan >>
and i totally become embarassed ahaha
So i continued to talk with this guy about my love for gyaru fashion and japan!
While we were talking i noticed a magazine on the table and i figured out that on the magazine there were my favorite singers and i yelled like a crazy << ARASHIII >>
The man was really surprised that ask me if i wanted the magazine and of course, i accepted XD
When i took the magazine from the table, i noticed that there was another one, and i figured was ViVi, one of my favorite magazine, and i asked if i can take also this one, and the guy said yes! YAY ahah
After an hour and a half that i was talking with the guy i asked if we can take a picture together, because i had to just go away ,O,

and i continued to wander all over the cosmoprof until the end.

And this is what i bought

Sorry for the long post, but i wanted to tell about my experience :3
I hope that the post might interest you!

See you soon ♥♥♥

domenica 10 marzo 2013

♥13♥ Liz Lisa and new hair !!

Hi Minna!!
how are you?
waaaa i'm so tired >< But i hope you all had a nice weekend :3

Saturday i went out with my KK sis' Nana and Kanan.
We went to eat japanese as usual and after we decided to go to make photos!
Since i changed my hair recently, i tried to take pictures when you clearly see them ><*
My outfit was really simple that day, because it was raining and i don't want to wear a dress ahah

Earrings: Pimkie
Necklace: Tally
Fur Collar: INGNI
Top: Liz Lisa
Shorts: H&M
Tights: Calzedonia
Boots: No Brand

Lovely Nana and Me
(she's really pretty <3 )

And after photos we went to drink bubble tea!

What do you think about my new hair? Lilac suits me? :3
and obliviousy, random photos with my webcam XD

See you soon!!
Thanks at all my followers for comment on the blog! <3 <3