giovedì 14 marzo 2013

♥14♥ Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Hi Minna!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Last Saturday i went to "Cosmoprof" in Bologna.
For all the people who don't know what i'm talking about, "Cosmoprof" is the leading worldwide event for the professional beauty sector.
It's really a BIG event, full of stands of make up and all the things that are related to the beauty sector.
I was always been interested in going to this event in the past, but the price was a bit expensive... ><;
But this year, my boss at work tell me that she have free pass for the event, so, i couldn't go ahah!
And, of course, that day was one of my favorite in my life ever!
It's like living in another world!

Entrance for the Cosmoprof

Because i had to get up early (around 5.30 a.m) and had to walk a lot, my outfit is really nothing special ahaha ><; and after 2 hours in the event i was totally a mess!!

This is the map of the Cosmoprof, it's like a mini city!!

After the entrance, there was a red carpet *^*

So, after entering the first pavilion i looked at several stands and they give me a lot of samples, so i was really happy!
When i left the first pavilion, i checked better the map and i noticed one thing,
the was an ASIAN PAVILION!
So i started to look at the pavilion like a crazy ahaha
After 10/15 luckily i found it! YAY!

The Asian Pavilion was mostly full of Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese stand, but there was also some Japanese stand.
The first Stand i noticed was Korean, so i started for that stand.

OMG, lashes and lenses, my heaven <3

The girls at the stand were really cute and we started talk a lot, they ask me about my make up and if i like asian fashion, OF COURSE!
So they asked me if i wanted take some photos with their products, i was soo happy!! :3
So, i also take photos with them eheh ><*

i was really horrible sigh D:

Then i stared watch any stand but i completely forgot to take photos because i was too excited ,O,
After 2 hours in the asian pavilion, i noticed this stand that was hidden by another big one, and as i seemed to see interesting things i went near the stand.
After few minutes i noticed two japanese guys who worked at the stand, who continued to stare at me.
So i went to talk to them.
I said << Hello >>
and one of them said << Wow, you look like Tsubasa chan >>
and i totally become embarassed ahaha
So i continued to talk with this guy about my love for gyaru fashion and japan!
While we were talking i noticed a magazine on the table and i figured out that on the magazine there were my favorite singers and i yelled like a crazy << ARASHIII >>
The man was really surprised that ask me if i wanted the magazine and of course, i accepted XD
When i took the magazine from the table, i noticed that there was another one, and i figured was ViVi, one of my favorite magazine, and i asked if i can take also this one, and the guy said yes! YAY ahah
After an hour and a half that i was talking with the guy i asked if we can take a picture together, because i had to just go away ,O,

and i continued to wander all over the cosmoprof until the end.

And this is what i bought

Sorry for the long post, but i wanted to tell about my experience :3
I hope that the post might interest you!

See you soon ♥♥♥

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  1. il paradisoo *__*!!!! che bella gironata hai passato , super invidia XD!!

    vedo che ti sei rpesa un sacco di cose, hai trovato poi la triple barrel? il prox anno voglio andare anchio!

    1. siii, è stata bellissima *^*
      l'anno prossimo ci voglio tornare assolutamente!
      purtroppo ci sarebbe da andarci il lunedì perchè la domenica non tutti gli stand vendono ,O,
      infatti non ho potuto prendere il triple barrel sigh ,__,

  2. omg that event looks amazin o__o
    wow you were mistaken for Tsubasa-chan? awesome:33
    really nice of them to give them the magazines.

    1. yeah, that was really amazing! :3
      i was really happy for that ehehe ><;
      and yes, they were really kind to give me the magazines and also friendly ^^

  3. Oh you look like you got a lot of nice things! That make up picture made me go O.O I WANT IT ALL! XD I just wanted to let you know; I tagged you with a Liebster Award! Please see my blog for the rules! I hope you enjoy it!

    1. thanks for the tag :3
      and yes, there was really so maaaany things to buy *^*