venerdì 8 marzo 2013

♥12♥ Spring Shopping // New hair preview

Hiii Minna!!! ♥♥
How are you?
So, first of all, happy women's day! :3
In the last two weeks, since the spring is coming, i started to make a new order of clothes,
and i finally finished it today!
OMG, i realized that i had bought so much clothes, but i can't stop ahaha
Plus i don't have many spring clothes that i like so much, so time to make a new wardrobe ahah
I hope that the package will come soon, will take around 10 days, i can't wait ><
This is a small preview of what i bought ♥

Two MA*RS set
(totally love MA*RS, i can't stop buying clothes of this brand)

MA*RS Dress and Heart Belt

Mint Shirt

Set in Pink x Black

Dress in White x Pink

And other clothes... but i'll show you all when i'll got the package at home ♥

Last week, after thinking a lot about it, i finally decided to dye a different color the tips of my hair.
So, i chose Lilac.

and today i found the time to do the hair... so this is a small preview of  how they came out.
In the next post i'll show you some photos in better quality with all my face and outfit ><;

OMG, sunglasses time ahaah

Then, what you think with Blonde x Lilac hair?

See you soon, and have a nice weekend!!♥♥♥

8 commenti:

  1. Uhhh really like the hair:D I really want some pink highlights in my hair but I'm scared of it turning really bad haha

    Also loving your buys so much! Other than Dreamv are the rest from taobao?:)

    1. thankssss <3
      i was really scared to do lilac highlights but in the end i'm really happy ><*

      yes, they are from taobao :3

  2. i love your hair girl! May I ask where you got your heart belt from? Been wanting one myself for zoo long!

    1. thank u sweety, i'm happy you like the hair!!

      i bought the belt from a shop on taobao :3

    2. woah do you mind sharing the link? I´ve been looking after one for aaages :O

    3. I know for sure that where i bought the bel now it's out of stock, but if you are interested i have a shopping service with two friends and we can help you to find one :3
      this is the shopping service

  3. Cute buys~ Are they from Taobao? I'm actually about to do the same thing to my hair next week! Haha.

    1. ahaha i really love hair with highlights, now i'm so happy that i have choose lilac *O*