giovedì 30 maggio 2013

♥23♥ Gyaru Inspirations

Hi Minna! ♥♥
How are you?
Ok, first of all, i'm really sorry, recently i was really really busy with my work and i can't blog because i haven't done anything interesting, plus, this week i was sick, omg, that's a tarrible month sigh ,O,
I hope that in June i can have a lot of fun *O*
I also hate the weather recently, one day is hot and the other one is cold, sun, rain, sun, rain aaaaargh ><;
I want summer and hot days!! :3

Well, in this entry i want to talk about my gyaru inspo ♥
I think that i have a lot of gyaru inspirations, and i really like looking the photos of my favourite models and save them on my computer... so in the end i have a loooooot of photos ahahah ><

Chika & Chie (Guri and Gura)

They always have perfect and beutiful make up and hair!
I think i really love how they do their hair and i was really inspired by the twins when i discover gyaru the first time!!


Kumicky (Kumiko Funayama)

She's like an angel for me *O*
she's so sweet, and i like her make up and coord!
I was really impressed the first time i find her because her face is the cutest for me ♥


Shizuka Takeda

I know, her style is really different from mine, but she's really a big inspo for me!
I think that she have a perfect body and i really love how she do her makeup!
Omg, i would like to be like her ,O, She's such a cutie ♥

Satomin (Satomi Yakuwa)
I start to like her since the first time i discover her in ageha.
She's really pretty and lovely and her coors are always sooo sweet and classy!
I also like her makeup 

Otsuko (Natsuko Matsumoto)

I start to like ker recently, but i completely fell in love with her style!
i think her makeup is amazing, and she's cute like a doll ♥ *3*

Speaking of makeup, she's really a big inspo for me!! ♥

Ok, maybe i can stop here for now!
i really like a lot other models, so i can do another post like this in the future ♥
eheh ><;
what's your Gyaru inspiration? and why you like them?

See you soon in the next blog post cuties!!
Love you all!! ♥♥♥♥

lunedì 13 maggio 2013

♥22♥ Sweet Rock // Giveaway winner

Hi Minna ♥♥♥
How are you?
I'm so much tired in these days, sigh, i want sleep a lot but i can't ,O, damn work! ><;
So, this is only a small entry .
Around two weeks ago i tried a new outif with one of my favorite dress *O*
I really like the sweet style and with the spring is the perfect combo for me! ♥

This is the outfit
Hat: No brand
Dress: INGNI rock
Necklace: Tally Weijl
Bracelets: Tally Weijl
Socks: BOBON
Shoes: BOBON

That day, i don't know why, but i didn't go out well in any photos, i was so discouraged ,O,

Make up

Close up ♥

And finally the giveaway is over ♥
Thanks to all the people that joined it!
So, the winner for my first giveaway is...
Congratulation sweety ♥
I'll send you and email within 24hours, you have 48h to answer the email, otherwise i choose another winner!
Thanks again to all of you ♥♥♥

See you soon in the next entry!!
Take care!

martedì 7 maggio 2013

♥21♥ May new gets

Hi Minna \(^3^)/
How are you?
Today i'm soooooo happy!
Finally i received my new package! YAY
Recently i' really in love with Liz Lisa so when i placed the order i decided to buy my favourite Liz Lisa item!
I think that Liz Lisa item are really perfect for spring (also summer) and they always give me a sense of cuteness ♥♥
I really wanted to buy a lot of things, but unfortunately i'm not so much rich for buy all i want ,O,

Then, these are the new gets for may! ♥
Liz Lisa bag ♥
This is my first bag from Liz Lisa and i totally love it!
It's cute and simple and i like all the datails!

Liz Lisa pink x polka dot
I totally fell in love with this dress that i couldn't stop myself to buy it!
(the color is more bright ><;)

Liz Lisa x Bows
Love Love Love ♥

Long Liz Lisa dress
( I cut the end of the dress in this photo, i'm so stupid ><;)
Liz Lisa White x Brown

And i also bought things from others brand ♥

Dazzlin dresses

HEAVEN and Earth cardigan
(It's the first time i bought a item from this brand and i really like the quality *O*)

INGNI Leopard cross tank top

Jouetie IDOL! T-shirt
(front and back)

No brand Hat
(Perfect for my new dresses *O*)

No Brand lace shoes

So, what do you think about my new purchases? ♥
I bought a lot of pink item ahaha ><;
But i really like wearing pink outfits, and pink is also my favorite color \*O*/

But i'm so sad because in Italy this spring is really strange, and it rained a lot ,__,
So i hope that i can wear my dresses soon ♥♥

Take care and have a nice days!
(and don't forget to join the giveaway!!)
See you soon!