martedì 7 maggio 2013

♥21♥ May new gets

Hi Minna \(^3^)/
How are you?
Today i'm soooooo happy!
Finally i received my new package! YAY
Recently i' really in love with Liz Lisa so when i placed the order i decided to buy my favourite Liz Lisa item!
I think that Liz Lisa item are really perfect for spring (also summer) and they always give me a sense of cuteness ♥♥
I really wanted to buy a lot of things, but unfortunately i'm not so much rich for buy all i want ,O,

Then, these are the new gets for may! ♥
Liz Lisa bag ♥
This is my first bag from Liz Lisa and i totally love it!
It's cute and simple and i like all the datails!

Liz Lisa pink x polka dot
I totally fell in love with this dress that i couldn't stop myself to buy it!
(the color is more bright ><;)

Liz Lisa x Bows
Love Love Love ♥

Long Liz Lisa dress
( I cut the end of the dress in this photo, i'm so stupid ><;)
Liz Lisa White x Brown

And i also bought things from others brand ♥

Dazzlin dresses

HEAVEN and Earth cardigan
(It's the first time i bought a item from this brand and i really like the quality *O*)

INGNI Leopard cross tank top

Jouetie IDOL! T-shirt
(front and back)

No brand Hat
(Perfect for my new dresses *O*)

No Brand lace shoes

So, what do you think about my new purchases? ♥
I bought a lot of pink item ahaha ><;
But i really like wearing pink outfits, and pink is also my favorite color \*O*/

But i'm so sad because in Italy this spring is really strange, and it rained a lot ,__,
So i hope that i can wear my dresses soon ♥♥

Take care and have a nice days!
(and don't forget to join the giveaway!!)
See you soon!

24 commenti:

  1. Cute gets! I love the bag and the shoes!~ ♥♥ *0*

    1. aww, happy u like them *3*)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I love the dresses from Liz Lisa you bought I´m looking forward to see you wearing them ^u^!
    so cute! did you get them from mbok ?
    and I also have this bag :3 but in beige.

    1. thank u sweety, i looking foward to wear the dresses soon ><;
      i hope the weather get better soon ~ ♥

      ooh really? i also loved the beige version eheh
      i choose the pink one because i bought many items in pink x3

  3. woaa I love all your gets they're all perfect for spring *^* wish I was so rich to make big hauls like this *O* or maybe I just spend my money too quickly haha xD

    1. thank you Jojo! ♥
      ahaha i know, i spend my money too quickly too ><;
      But it's really hard to stop buying cute clothes ,O,

  4. Waw! I love the Liz Lisa x Bows dress! So pretty! I think it will all suit you well!

    1. Thank you dear, you're really kind ♥ ♥

  5. the Liz Lisa bag is so cute♥ I'm in love with Liz Lisa too. Their stuff is perfect*-*
    also like the IDOL! shirt:3

    1. yes, i really love the liz lisa bag, it was love at first sight x3
      I think Liz Lisa is my fav brand now ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Pretty haul! Everything is so gyaru <333
    Hehehe my fave is the no brand hat though ^^;

    I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award <333

    1. thanks sweety, i'm happy u like the haul ♥

      and thanks for nominated me in the versatile blogger award *O*

  7. I like all of your new clothes, the bag is super cute^^
    I think Liz Lisa is really mach with summer/spring so I agree with you^^
    In my country it is also raining so much now, so I can understand your problem too. But I hope it won't long for the rest of the summer...

    Have a nice day~

    1. thank u sweetheart ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
      oh really?
      i hate raining days sooo much and everytime i never know how to wear ><;
      But spring is absolutely my fav season and i hope to wear my dress es soon \(^3^)/

      have a nice day too :3

  8. Cute items! I just got the same bag haha. It's quite nice ^__^

    I also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

    1. thank u sweety!
      oh really? ahahah the bag is really cute, isn't it? ♥

      thanks for nominated me in the versatile blogger award :*

  9. Cute!! I can't wait to see you ware them!

    1. Thank u sweety *^*
      I hope that i can wear the dresses soon ♥

  10. Risposte
    1. thank u honey ><*
      I'm happy you like the dresses ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. I'm absolutely in love with the bag. I hope I can have it

    Please follow and visit me :D

    Danica Stark

    1. thank u, happy u like the bag :3
      if you are interested, you can buy one with this shopping service


  12. I love the items you got! Especially the bag and the lace shoes, so pretty <3

    1. thank u sweety, i'm happy u like the items <3