lunedì 29 aprile 2013

♥20♥ Leopard Love Love // Harajuku Fashion Walk

Hi Minna!!♥♥♥
How are you?
Last sunday i met my lovely girls because we had decided to partecipate in the first Harajuku walk in Milan.
Luckily the day was really good, so i decided to wear one of my last purchase, i'm really into leopard print, so i was really happy when i bought  it ♥

This is my outfit for the day \(^3^)/

There were a lot of photographers that day, so they took a lot of photos and i was really happy ♥♥

I was really happy to met my girl after two weeks, i really really love them and i like spend time fooling around with them ehehe ><*
We talked a lot as always and we laughed a lot ♥

Me, Mia and Nana

Me, Nana, Mia and Jay
I love you girls ♥♥♥

Jay, Me and Nana fooling around XD

Waaa, my Legs looks so long in this photo XD

Make up♥

I really love these lenses, they are absolutely my favorite!! ♥♥

And a photos of all the partecipants in the fashion walk !! :3

Thanks so much for reading!
See you soon gals ♥♥

martedì 16 aprile 2013

♥19♥ Pink Spring

Hi Minna!!♥♥♥
How are you?
Finally in italy the weather become really warm and the sun shine bright !!
I'm sooo happy :3
I have a lot of new clothes that i want to wear but the bad weather doesn't help me :(

Last weekend i went out with my KK sis Jay and Nana.
I'm so so so happy everytime i meet with my lovely girls!
We always have nice talks and funny moments ahaha XD

So, for that day i decided to wear my Yumetnbo set!
I was totally in love with the outfit and i hope you like it too ;3

Set : Yumetenbo
Shoes: Jouetie
Bag: No Brand


Outfit Detail

Make up

and with my lovely Nana ♥♥♥
She's such a cutie, isn'it? ><* ♥♥♥

Don't forget to check my previous entry for my first giveaway ♥♥
See you soon!!!

mercoledì 10 aprile 2013

♥18♥ 100 Followers Giveaway ♥

Hi Minna!!!
I'm so sorry that recently i didn't write anything but unfortunately my pc was broken ><;
I was so sad without my dear computer sigh .
But today finally i received the last thing for the giveaway and i decided to do the giveaway immediately, because is for the 100 followers but i just more than 100 followers ehehe 

Rose in Wonderland First Giveaway!!

1 x Princess Melody Bow in Black
1 x Gold x Pearls cat ears
1 x Liz Lisa Makeup case
1 x Daiso False Lashes case
1 x Pack of 10 upper lashes
1 x pack of 10 Lower Lashes
1 x Lipbalm
1 x Set of False Nails in Pink
1 x Daiso makeup palette

How to Join
At first i wanted to do the giveaway with rafflecopter but since i had problem with the widget i decided to do it in the normal and old way!

So comment in a post with the entry you do!
+ 3 if you become a public follower of my blog
(write your name so i can check)
+ 2 if you like Kira Kira Lovely shop on Facebook
(Tell me your facebook account so i can check)
+3 If you write a blogpost about the giveaway
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Hope you like the giveaway!
See you soon ><

lunedì 1 aprile 2013

♥17♥ Love Love for you

Hi Minna ♥♥♥
How are you?
Last saturday i met my lovely KK girls and also Chus joined us for a small meet in Milan!
I was really really happy but the weather was a total disaster, it rained all the day and my hair has become like a bush ><; argh
But i was really happy at the end of the day, and i hope i'll see soon my lovely girls ♥♥

Here are some photos of the day! \(^3^)/

My Outfit
Hat: Boy London
Dress: INGNI
Cardingan: No Brand
Tights: TaoBao
Shoes: Jouetie


Make for the day

After we met all at the "Duomo of Milano" we went to the japanese restaurant, i was really really hungry that day and i was so happy that we went to an all you can eat ahah ><* i really ate a lot!
And in the afternoon we went to a bubbletea bar, i really love bubble tea ahah but the most funny part is that we spent all the time in the bar to make us photos and videos ahaha

Meg, Luca (Chus's friend), Chus, Me, Jay and Nana

KK Diamante Club

Me and Jay

Cute Meg and Nana 

Chus, Me and Jay


Thanks for reading and for all the comment in the previous post :3
See you soon gals!