martedì 16 aprile 2013

♥19♥ Pink Spring

Hi Minna!!♥♥♥
How are you?
Finally in italy the weather become really warm and the sun shine bright !!
I'm sooo happy :3
I have a lot of new clothes that i want to wear but the bad weather doesn't help me :(

Last weekend i went out with my KK sis Jay and Nana.
I'm so so so happy everytime i meet with my lovely girls!
We always have nice talks and funny moments ahaha XD

So, for that day i decided to wear my Yumetnbo set!
I was totally in love with the outfit and i hope you like it too ;3

Set : Yumetenbo
Shoes: Jouetie
Bag: No Brand


Outfit Detail

Make up

and with my lovely Nana ♥♥♥
She's such a cutie, isn'it? ><* ♥♥♥

Don't forget to check my previous entry for my first giveaway ♥♥
See you soon!!!

14 commenti:

  1. uuuu *_* kawaiii neeee *_* adoro il tuo vestito (anche se non un amante del rosa) hihi


    1. ehehe
      io mi ero innamorata a prima vista del vestito, anche se è stato un trauma prendere il treno vestita così ,O,

  2. ahhw, you are really pretty! (^-^)
    & skinny :) :) :)

  3. I still love your hair*-*
    the outfit is really cute&suits you well. love those shoes:3

  4. Oh my gosh, you are so cute in that! Love it! and I love your blog!!

    ~Amanda Heinz (don't forget to follow me! I'll be moving to Tokyo next week)

    1. thank you dear,
      i'm happy you like my blog ><*

  5. ma che belle che siete tu e la Nana! eravate al parco sempione per caso?
    cmq non vedo l'ora di vedervi dome 28^w^!

    1. eravamo al parco del castello :3
      ahaha grazie vivi <3
      gia finalmente il 28 ci rivediamo ^^

  6. Risposte
    1. thank u dear, happy u like the dress <3

  7. Aww you're such a beauty.
    You are really pretty and so is your blog :3

    1. thank u sweety, you are so kind!
      I'm happy you like my blog :3