lunedì 1 aprile 2013

♥17♥ Love Love for you

Hi Minna ♥♥♥
How are you?
Last saturday i met my lovely KK girls and also Chus joined us for a small meet in Milan!
I was really really happy but the weather was a total disaster, it rained all the day and my hair has become like a bush ><; argh
But i was really happy at the end of the day, and i hope i'll see soon my lovely girls ♥♥

Here are some photos of the day! \(^3^)/

My Outfit
Hat: Boy London
Dress: INGNI
Cardingan: No Brand
Tights: TaoBao
Shoes: Jouetie


Make for the day

After we met all at the "Duomo of Milano" we went to the japanese restaurant, i was really really hungry that day and i was so happy that we went to an all you can eat ahah ><* i really ate a lot!
And in the afternoon we went to a bubbletea bar, i really love bubble tea ahah but the most funny part is that we spent all the time in the bar to make us photos and videos ahaha

Meg, Luca (Chus's friend), Chus, Me, Jay and Nana

KK Diamante Club

Me and Jay

Cute Meg and Nana 

Chus, Me and Jay


Thanks for reading and for all the comment in the previous post :3
See you soon gals!

16 commenti:

  1. You look amazing as always! Keep up the great work, cutie! (*ゝ∀・)

    1. Thank u sweety!
      you're really kind ,//,

  2. So cute all of you!
    And I fell in love with the hat! Cool <3

    1. thank u dear <3
      and i'm happy u like the hat :3

  3. you looked great ^u^!
    I really liked how you pulled of a coordinate with a cap :3
    On my blog I just made a post about that topic :) I hope I can try this style soon too :)

    1. aww so happy u like the coord!
      i'm into cap too in this period ahaha
      i'm looking to see your outfit with a cap :3 <3

  4. Lovely! You all look great! :D

  5. You're all looking so beautiful! Italian Gals really rock it! ♥
    I love your outfit, your cap is simply BADASS! *__*

    1. ahaha thanks sweety, and yeah, i really love my girls too <3
      and thank u, i'm happy you like my cap *O*

  6. lovely group!
    I adore your heart tights*-* so cute

  7. You're outfit is great*.*
    You really remind me of Chie&Chika Yoshikawa in these pics*.*
    Have a nice day~

    1. awww thank u sweety ,//,
      this is really a great compliment for me because chika and chie are my biggest inspiration *O*
      thank u again <3