giovedì 30 maggio 2013

♥23♥ Gyaru Inspirations

Hi Minna! ♥♥
How are you?
Ok, first of all, i'm really sorry, recently i was really really busy with my work and i can't blog because i haven't done anything interesting, plus, this week i was sick, omg, that's a tarrible month sigh ,O,
I hope that in June i can have a lot of fun *O*
I also hate the weather recently, one day is hot and the other one is cold, sun, rain, sun, rain aaaaargh ><;
I want summer and hot days!! :3

Well, in this entry i want to talk about my gyaru inspo ♥
I think that i have a lot of gyaru inspirations, and i really like looking the photos of my favourite models and save them on my computer... so in the end i have a loooooot of photos ahahah ><

Chika & Chie (Guri and Gura)

They always have perfect and beutiful make up and hair!
I think i really love how they do their hair and i was really inspired by the twins when i discover gyaru the first time!!


Kumicky (Kumiko Funayama)

She's like an angel for me *O*
she's so sweet, and i like her make up and coord!
I was really impressed the first time i find her because her face is the cutest for me ♥


Shizuka Takeda

I know, her style is really different from mine, but she's really a big inspo for me!
I think that she have a perfect body and i really love how she do her makeup!
Omg, i would like to be like her ,O, She's such a cutie ♥

Satomin (Satomi Yakuwa)
I start to like her since the first time i discover her in ageha.
She's really pretty and lovely and her coors are always sooo sweet and classy!
I also like her makeup 

Otsuko (Natsuko Matsumoto)

I start to like ker recently, but i completely fell in love with her style!
i think her makeup is amazing, and she's cute like a doll ♥ *3*

Speaking of makeup, she's really a big inspo for me!! ♥

Ok, maybe i can stop here for now!
i really like a lot other models, so i can do another post like this in the future ♥
eheh ><;
what's your Gyaru inspiration? and why you like them?

See you soon in the next blog post cuties!!
Love you all!! ♥♥♥♥

10 commenti:

  1. Sakurina *^* is my favorite inspiration.. I made a blogpost about this too :P

    Its here in the netherlands also very rainy and cold >_<

    nice blogpost ^^
    greetz, lenie

    1. awww i love sakurina too *^*
      for me she's the best among gyaru but her style is really different from mine ><;

      awww, luckyly in italy now seems the weather become warm and i'm so happy about this ><*


  2. Satomin and Guri and Gura are also the biggest inspiration for me <33
    I think Satomi is the prettiest model of all : D haha

    1. Chika & Chie are absolutely my favorites *^*
      I like satomin for her look, she's cute and classy at the same time isn't it? *^*

  3. They are all so cute! I also have a lot of inspirations, from the gals of Black Diamond to Himena! I like to try a lot of different styles, so I find myself finding inspirations everywhere! \(^.^)/

    1. ahaha me too ><;
      however my style is more sweet, i also like models that have different style *^*
      it's really good have a lot of gyaru inspo <3

  4. they are all so cute*-* I also love the twins♥

    1. aww, Guri and Gura are absolutely my favourite among gyaru *^*
      but all japanese gyaru are soooo cute ♥♥

  5. Very cute inspirations~ I love the twins most. ^^

    By the way~ I also adore ARASHI!!! Who is your fav.?

    1. The twins are also my favorite among gyaru *^*
      i really love how they work on hair and make up ♥

      ooooh, really? *^* OMG i'm so happy to hear that you like ARASHI too **
      My ichiban is Nino, and your?♥♥