giovedì 17 gennaio 2013

♥3 ♥ New gets + Outfits

Hello Cuties 
Recently in Italy startes sale in shops!
I'm so happy!
So i went to look for something new, and i found a lot of cute things!!
Only when i came back home i noticed a thing...
all my buys are pink ahaha
i was really shoked ><

New blush, is really pink and with a lot of glitter, i totally love it!! 
Make up case, it reminds me a lot of a MA*RS pattern, so i totally fell in love!

Lipgloss by Astra, is an Italian brand, really cheap (i paid around 4 euro *3*)

Perfume "Pink Sugar" by Aquolina

And i bought also new clothes, but i haven't found anything that i really wanted ><

           Lace and Denim Shirt                                                             Leopard scarf

                     Platform Shoes                                                    I can't take a pic of the shirt because my
                                                                                                             mum just wash it ahaha ><

And now some random photos about me and my outfit 


My best friend and me 


Well, see you soon!
And i'm really happy if you leave a comment 

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