giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

♥4 ♥ Big package and MA*RS outfit

Hello Gals!! 
How are you?
Today is a sunny day and that makes me really happy, YAY!!
Also, on tuesday i finally received my big package, there were a lot of trouble with the courier (HATE GLS SO MUCH ><;) and the custom but finally i got it and i'm so so so happy!
When i open the package i didn't remember at all the thigs i had bought >>;
So, i take pictures of every dress, hope you like them!

All the dress together

MA*RS  (This is my favorite ♥)

Liz Lisa



Stella Dress

No Brand

Now i'm waiting to wear them all >< ahaha

Last weekend i went out with my friends and after a lot of time i wore a MA*RS dress, so i took some picture about the outfit ♥

Thanks to all the people who have started to follow my blog and also to the people who have comment on my previous post, you make me really happy ♥♥
See you soon!!

6 commenti:

  1. Ahhhh quanto sei carina dolcezza mia ! <3

  2. Your MA*RS outfit is so pretty~ I'm jealous of all the nice dresses you got! I can't wait to see pictures of you in them (*´・v・)

    1. i'm really happy you like the MA*RS outfit ><)/
      yay, i can't wait to wear them all ahah <3
      thanks for the comment :3

  3. Your make up is really ice! And the Ma*rs dress is so cute too!

    1. happy you like the outfit and makeup :3
      thanks for the comment <3