domenica 3 febbraio 2013

♥5 ♥ Boring days // I love sweets

Hello Cuties ♥
How are you?
It's a bit that i don't update the blog, but nothing interesting happened recently ,__,
Well, at the beginning of this week i received my last order,
i bought only few things because for tell truth, i need only new lashes but at the end i bought also clothes!
ARRRRGH, i think shopping is a drug! I can't stop myself  for buying clothes ><

This is the last order

well, i really love the MA*RS dress (i want to wear it soon!!) and the pink sweater of Dazzlin!!

I also waiting for a new package, but only two items that i bought last week on gyaru-sales YAY!
A MA*RS cardi and top ♥♥


i hope to receive them soon!! ><)/*

Recently, everytime i went out, i start to eat a lot of sweets and OMG! I don't want to eat so much sweets and begin really fat, but when i see sweets i can't eat at least one ,___,
Sweets time ahaha :3
(best white chocolate EVER!!!)

I'll have to stop eating so much sigh.

Last but not last, i want show you two new outfits, hope you like them eheh

See you soon!

10 commenti:

  1. You are lovely :) As always!
    And those yummy sweets, omg I am the same as you. It's hard to stop after having one piece XD

    1. thank u dear <3
      ahahah i know, i really really like sweets, sigh, but i hate begin fat so i think i should stop eating so much ,__, sigh

  2. QUEL. MAGLIONE. ROSA. Lo voglio pure io ;v; l'hai preso su taobao?
    Mi piace tutto, dagli outfit all'ordine xD eeee.. Se troppo sexy coi capelli lisci *-*
    Non chiedermi perché xD gusti, boh.
    Ciao bellissima!

    1. sii l'ho preso su tb :3 prova a cercare sotto dazzlin io l'avevo trovato così^^ se non lo trovi al massimo provo a vedere se ho ancora il link salvato ><
      ahhaah grazie cmq, sei tenerissima u__u <3

  3. *si impiccia*
    il maglione credo sia di snidel°°

    comunquee....anchio ultimamente ho una gran fame di dolci çoç!! te che sei magra te li puoi permettere XD!!

    bella in tutti e due gli outfit :3!!

    1. sai che hai ragione? :o
      non so perchè sono rimasta convinta che fosse di dazzlin XD

      ahahaha maledetti dolci, non sai che odio... ALTRO CHE MAGRA! devo perdere peso uff ,____, non ce la farò mai ,____,

  4. I really like your hair. It's so looooong. I want my hair to be long as yours! *envy xD*
    Oh, I think that shopping and sweets are really like drugs. I can't stop buying clothes, so I decided to make a wishlist with clothes that I really need. It helps me a lot)
    I want to stop eat so lots of sweets too, I have some problems like acne because of it...But I can't do anything! >.< We're two sweet eaters hahah :D

    1. eheheh i'm happy you like my hair ,///,
      In the end i think clothes are more drugs than sweets, really, i can't stop buying clothes >< but sweets are so.... yummy! i want to eat sweets till now ahahah :3
      thanks for your comment ;)

  5. you are really pretty!!! and i like your hair a lot. ^_^