venerdì 22 febbraio 2013

♥9♥ Happy Chinese new year // Party with KK sis !! (Pt .2)

Hi Minna ♥

Finally the second part of this post, sorry for the waiting ,__,
Ok, around 7.00 p.m (yeah really early, but we were so hungry ahaha) o clock me and my gyarusa sis' went to a japanese restaurant, our favorite, called "UME".
and girls, trust me, is mecha mecha OISHIIII ♥♥♥

Our food, deliciousss ♥

I was thinking about something? XD

Later, after dinner, we come back to our hotel, we dressed for the club and then we went to the party!
After few minutes we were in the local, a guy ask us if we want follow him in the super privè, so we went with him and... wow, in the super privè there was a table full of cigarettes and drink!! ♥

Together forever ♥
From left: Me, Mia, Jay and Nana

the table full of drinks ahaha ><

With guys!
A Dragon in a club ♥

Me with a cute guy :3

The night at the club was really funny, and of course i was soooo happy because i spent all the day with my KK diamante club sis'... i miss them so much ,___,
I love you girls ♥♥♥

Well, thank u for all the comments in the previous post, i'm really really happy to read them!!
Have a nice day ♥

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