martedì 8 gennaio 2013

♥1 ♥ First Post ~

Hello everyone   
Finally, i decided to open a blog and since this is the first post i'll talk a little about me :3

Well, My name is Rose, i'm 23 y/o and i'm from Italy.
I'm totally in love with Gyaru style and also J and K - Pop!
I became interested in gyaru around a year ago but i start to dress gyaru only around February/March.
My favorite brands are MA*RS, INGNI, Dazzlin, Liz Lisa and One Spo.
Talking about gyaru magazine my nuber one is Popteen, followed by ViVi and Happie Nuts!

Now, i'll show you some of my photos (#^-^#)


My lovely hair

With My KK diamante club sis ♥ Love ya Gals 
First photo: Nana, Me and Jay (Check out her blog Double Trouble )
Second photo: Me, Mia and Jay (Mia blog Mia Somta )

Soon i'll make a new post about the recently meet with my loved KK Diamante club gyaru sa memebers!!Hope you enjoyed the post and if you want to follow my blog i'll be really happy!

See ya soon!! \(^_^)/

8 commenti:

  1. ^W^ these pictures are really nice. 're much more charged with blond hair for me. How can I follow your blog <3

    1. Thanks dear, i'm happy you like the photos <3
      and thanks for following my blog ~

  2. hey beauty! I always adore your photos on fb ^^ I envy your beutiful hair! What about making hair tutorial? ;)

  3. thank you dear, you're soooo kind ;////;
    maybe i'll think about making an hair tutorial ><

  4. sei troppo troppo carina e questo stile gyaru è perfetto per te >w< non potevo non seguirti <3

  5. grazie mille sei gentilissima <3
    e grazie per il follow :3

  6. You're a cutie :) Found you on the daily-gyaru ♪ I like your hair und this cute style really suits you.
    Keki ^-^

    1. Hi Keki :3
      Thanks a lot for your comment, you're really kind (#^3^#)