giovedì 20 giugno 2013

♥25♥ new gets (June♥)

Hi Minna! ♥♥
How are you?
i'm fine, and really really happy ><
Last week i received my last order and i was really happy with all the clothes i have chosen!
Recently i'm really obsessed with clothes from Liz Lisa, so most of the clothes are from this brand *-*
I really like Liz Lisa recently and i want more clothes, waaa i need a lot of money sigh

Then, this is my little haul from this month ♥

Liz Lisa

My favorite one ♥
Omg i totally love this dress and i just worn it ahaha ><*

Liz Lisa Jumpsuit *-*
another love love ♥ ehehe

 and worn by a Liz Lisa model..

sooo cute, isn't it? *^*

Liz Lisa in brown
My first brown dress from Liz Lisa, i hope that suit me well, sigh ><;

another super cute dress from Liz Lisa
Pink x Roses

and last Liz Lisa Item
Daisy x White top


I loved this dress since the first time i saw it around march and finally i bought it!
I'm sooo happy >< and it's perfect, really *^*

My Melody

My baby ♥♥

and some offbrand clothes/shoes that i bought where i live :3
same wedges, one in beige and one in black!
They are soooo cute and comfy ><*

maxi dress in denim x pink
and at least frilly socks *^*

and these are my gets for june ♥
What do you like?

see you soon and take care sweeties ♥♥

12 commenti:

  1. Oh my... that maxi dress looks so, so pretty! <3

    1. happy u like the maxidress :3
      it's really confortable and sooo cute *-*

  2. Risposte
    1. oh really? it's my favorite one too <3

  3. you always buy the cutest stuff! Lovely haul ^^

    1. thank u sweety :3
      i'm happy you like the clothes <3

  4. Risposte
    1. thank u *O*
      the shoes are soo soo confy ,O,

  5. Love the first Liz Lisa dress. Liz Lisa is my favourite brand♥ they have so many cute stuff;-;

    I've been wanting a LL shirt like your white/daisy one forever but I'm never sure if it will fit european bust sizes. I'm scared it will look weird xD

  6. Ma come fai ad ordinare dai vari siti? io ci sto provando da settimane ma niente da fare >.<
    Mi potresti dare qualche consiglio da dove ordinare?

    1. ehi ciao :3
      guarda li puoi comprare solo tramite shopping service perchè non spediscono in italia purtroppo ,O,
      io, se può interessarti, ne gestisco uno con due mie amiche, se ti va dacci un'occhiata di chiama kira kira lovely shop su facebook ;3

  7. Ahmm perche io adesso non sto in italia sono in sud america che è ancora peggio ahahah ,magari ti contatto su facebook e mi spieghi se ti va :2