mercoledì 3 luglio 2013

♥26♥ Second Harajuku fashion walk // Shooting with my girls

Hi Minna!!♥♥
How are you?
i'm so so so happy in these days \(^O^)/
Last week end i went out with my KK' sis for an harajuku fashion walk in Milan!
This was the second time we went to this event, i always have fun with my girls and this time was the same ahaha
Plus, there were a lot of photographers and they made awesome photos ><*
One of them is REALLY REALLY good and i completely fell in love with all the photos he made!

For the fashion walk i choose to wear a Liz Lisa dress, i was inspired by the shop staff of LL this time, but i was very happy with the final result! ♥

This is the outfit
Hat: No brand
Dress: Liz Lisa
Socks: BOBON
Shoes: BOBON

So, time for the photos ♥♥

Super cute Jay and me!
Gals trio! ♥♥♥
Nana, Me & Jay

again Jay and me ♥

some photos of my mini shooting !!
(for better photo you can check my facebook! Rose Ninomiya )



and two bonus pics yay ><*

Luca + Gals group 

All the people in the fashion walk 

See you soon gals!!

18 commenti:

  1. Really adorable outfit!!! I would like to join such a walk too... but there is no one in germany. I like your photos a lot and the group picture is really amazing. I love the shironuri girl with grey kimono~ amazing!

    1. thank u sweety! i'm happy u like the outfit *A*
      yeah, it's always really funny go to fashion walk, there are a lot of people!!

  2. Cute outfit!! Looks so nice, your dress is sooo lovely~ And the photos turned out well - I think so anyways...

  3. You all look so cute ^__^ I adore your dress! <3

    1. oh thank u so much sweetheart <3
      i really love that dress too**

  4. You are so cute! I love your outfit, especially the socks and heels!

  5. Hola, estoy por aquí de nuevo, viendo actualizaciones. Excelente post, felicitaciones.
    Un gran saludo desde:

  6. Rose ma come fai ad essere così adorabile?!? *-*

    1. awwww, scusa il ritardo ma non ho più guardato il blog di recente ;__; grazie, sei carinissima <3

  7. Awww you have such a cute Blog. and you are seriously so cute *^*. I love your Outfits. I hope I can meet you soem day in real life. That would be so awesome <3<3<3
    Love Sui

    1. awwww thank u Sui *O*
      i'm really happy you like the blog and the outfits ><*
      I hope that too, you're one of the best gaijin gyaru for me :3

  8. omo!u're sooo lovely~i luv ur dress too,sooo cute,can I have it?haha..

  9. I adore your style +.+The outfit looks so great and the pics turned out really lovely. How do you make your hair curl like that? It's seriously so pretty