giovedì 25 luglio 2013

♥27♥ Small update: New outfit + shopping

Hello minna♥♥♥
How are you?
Waaaaa, it's been a while from my last post but recently i'm so tired, i really can't dress up with this hot weather ><;
I have a lot of new dresses to wear but i'm always so tired to dress up or do a decent make up sigh D:
Last week end i went to Rome and i had a lot of fun ♥♥
I want come back sigh (T_T)

Then, sometimes ago i tried a new hairstyle and i really love it *O*
so i also dress up and i loved the final comination


Dress: MA*RS
Bag 1: My Melody
Bag 2: My Melody
Earrings: Pimkie
Shoes: No brand

Close up of my make up 

This week i also send my last package with my new purchases!
It's only a small package because i have to save up money for my trip in Barcelona thi august I can't wait to go to Barcelona *O* YAY!!

This is what i bought

Super cute MA*RS set \(*A*)/

worn by Himena chan

Liz Lisa Bag

Offbrand leopard dress

aaaaand, that's all ><
I hope to have the possibility to blog more often, sigh!!
see you soon 

23 commenti:

  1. La borsa l'ho comprata anch'io ma dell'altro colore!! E' carinissima, avevo paura fosse troppo grande, ma è proprio una misura perfetta tra non esser piccola ne grande >.< ahahah uuuh quel set è nella mia wishlist da un bel pò! Ti starà benissimo *o*

    1. siii l'ho vista che l'hai presa! com'è la qualità? io me n'ero innamorata appena l'avevo vista ma ho dovuto aspettare perchè stavo senza cash T___T
      awww grazie sei sempre super carinissima *A*

  2. hi *w*
    Recently a read you and..and you are so pretty!!, I LOVEE <33
    you have becoma my inspiration, you are so perfect :3
    I follow you

    1. hiii sweety *A*
      thank u soooo much, you're really kind ;3;
      i'm happy to be an inspiration but i have to work hard to become a better gyaru ><;

  3. Bellissima la borsa Rose dove l'hai presa? *__*

    1. grazie dolcezza^^
      se sei interessata l'ho presa con il nostro shopping service puoi scriverci li :3

  4. So lovely Rose ! I'm glad I'm not the only "white" girl during summer :P

    1. thanks a lot sweety!
      ahaha i really love "pale" skin, and i really hate the sun during summer T__T

  5. Mi piace tantissimo l'acconciatura, ti sta benissimo!! E anche l'outfit è molto carino *^* ma come hai fatto a divertirti a Roma, non c'è niente!!!

    1. grazie mille sei carinissima ><*
      ahahah c'è il mio ragazzo a roma XD

  6. your hair looks awesome*-*

    ahh I've wanted this Liz Lisa bag so badly. it's so cute*_*

  7. Aww what a cute My Melody bag! :D

  8. omg, you're so beautiful and have perfect color hair! <3

  9. You look so cute! I love the dress you are wearing and the My Melody bags <3 The Liz Lisa bag you ordered is gorgeous too!

  10. This bag is stunning! I'm so jealous! :)

  11. You look so lovely! I love following your outfit posts on Instagram too. :) you rock MA*RS!! I wish I could go to Italy and hang out with you. Sorry I don't know any Italian (yet!!!) ;)

  12. I like your dress it is so cuteee!
    Kisses M.:)