lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

♥29♥ Sponsored wig review [from]

Hi Minna ♥♥
How are you?

This time i'm here to write a review of a wig kindly sponsored by lolita dress
Basically this wig is for Lolita style but i think that was pretty cute so i was very happy to take photos and in the end i really fell in love with the wig ahah ><

This is the wig i've chosen

So some info about the wig
Color: Light golden blonde
Fibre: Heat resistant
Price: $ 46.99
Wig type: Short + two ponytail
Lenght: around 65cm

Ok, time for some photos and after my review ♥♥♥

Indoor Photos

Outdoor photos


And time for the review

Fibre: they write that is heat resistant but because the twintails are just curled in a cut way i never tried to use an iron curler.
Indoor the color of the wig looks more natural but outside is a little bit shiny.

Smoothness: It's really soft and is the best side of this with for me *A*

Cap: The cap is up to large size, it means any people that have small head or bigger head can use this wig.
For me the cap is really confortable, i have a small head so every time i have to tighten the cap at the limit ;3;

Weight: if you wear the wig without ponytail is really ok, but the wig becomes a little bit heavy with the twintails.

Price: Honestly i think the price is really good, the wig is super cute and full of hair so the price is really worth it.

  1. Heat resistant fibre
  2. Really soft
  3. Cap is adjustable from S to L
  4. Price is good for the quality

  1. Outdoor the color is  flashy
  2. Little bit heavy if you wear the wig for long time

    Total: 8/10

    Thanks again to for the sposorship.
    This is the link where you can buy the same wig: Lolita wig curl light golden short

    Thanks for reading this review!
    (it's my first review so i hope i've done everything right ><;)

    See you soon *A*)/

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  1. everything look beautyful on you :3

    1. dolcezza tranquilla puoi scrivermi in italiano <3
      e sei gentilissima ;////; <3

  2. Those look super cute on you!! :D

  3. I like the wig with the dark outfit:3 usually I'm not a big fan of this kind of wigs. I think it's a bit too much

    1. thank u :3 i'm not a fan of this type of wig too, also because they aren't so much into the style i wear but this wig i think is kinda pretty :3

  4. Do you know where sololita ship from? Also the wig is gorgeous so wanna buy *_*!!!

    1. They ship from China, but the shipping is really safe because you can choose shipping with track :3
      and yes, the wig is really gorgeous *A*

  5. You can gently put some talc on the wig to reduce unnatural shine. :3 Also, i'm not sure how you do things but with heavy wigs you should not use wigcaps, just find some other way to put your hair up. With longer use they are itchy and will give you headache.

  6. so cute !
    can we follow each other? :)

  7. you are so beautiful!
    and a great gyaru!

  8. Hello dear!
    I'd like to invite you to my cute giveaway:

    Bai, Shiki

  9. Looks suuuper cute! You look like a lolita princess! I love it! *O*